Rock Flower Care Instructions

Over the years, we at Got Corals have developed a simple technique using evidence of best practices when introducing the flowers into their new home, your tank.

A.P.O.P.E. - Acclimate, Prepare, Open, Place and Enjoy!

1. Acclimate- Float the specimen cups (“cups”) in your tanks for 10 minutes so they can acclimate to the temperature in their new environment.

2. Prepare- After, turn off the flow for the entire tank.

3. Open- Carefully, open the cups and dump the water. Gently scrape the flower from the cups if it is attached to the cup with your fingernail.

a.The flowers can sometimes attach to the top of the cup, please use caution when opening.

b. We don’t recommend that you pour the water from the cups into your tank.

4. Place the flowers in your tank, somewhere where they are able to attach.

a. Remember the foot of a flower is a suction cup. They will look for something to attach to for security.

b. Do not let them float around.

c. If the sand bed is too deep, try to put them on a rock with small crevices.

d. Do not place them in front of a power head

5. Enjoy. In about 10-15 minutes the flowers will have attached and the tank flow is ready to be turned on again.


How do we keep the flowers happy?

Feed- We don’t spot feed our retail flowers. Instead, we feed the tank a combination of Mysis and other nutrients. Many flower heads spot feed their stock, we prefer not to.

Flow- We like to keep a medium flow to the flowers. Just enough where we can keep the dirt off their body. In our experience, they are not a fan of a lot of flow.

Lighting- Medium to low light

Shrimps- Do not put any peppermint shrimp in the same tank as the flowers, these types of shrimps have been known to feast on flowers.

Disclaimer- these are processes that we have adopted through the years, not all tanks are the same. It might very well be that your flowers behave differently in your tank. If so, please share we would love to know what works for you and your tank.

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